New beginnings!

I am on the other side of the world. To those who don’t know me, I’ve just quit my job in Portugal and moved to Australia. I don’t know if I lost my mind. If you knew me some years ago, you’d never think I’d leave my reliable and stable job and just roam around in another country, starting from scratch. Yet, here I am!

The first couple of days were tough. First, the jet lag. Then, start looking for work. Realising that everything in Melbourne is more expensive. Missing people. It’s hard! Finally, on my third day delivering résumés, I stumbled on two nice girls in the street from an advertising company called Streetfighter Media. I asked them for some contact to whom I could reach to see if there were vacancies in the team and BAM! I managed to get a job on my fourth day in Melbourne. It’s not the dream job but I get to have fun while promoting brands and I meet lots of nice people. Pretty cool for a new beginning!

It’s not even been two weeks since I arrived. I’m still adapting but I’m not so afraid of misunderstanding people any more. I plan on finding more work, all the while writing more posts about my new city and about my  programming studies. I’ll post findings from the books I read and from inspiring people as well.

I’ll finish this one with the first photos I took when I arrived.


Author: twikah

Left routine behind and currently seeking a nomad life!

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